testbeds with sensor platforms

BLE Fingerprints

The dataset available on this page contains received signal strength (RSS) measurements made with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, which can be used for outdoor fingerprinting based localization applications.

Measurement setup

The dataset was collected with 25 nodes of the LOG-a-TEC testbed positioned at the campus of the Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana. The experimentation area is composed of $5\times{}26$ positions separated by $1.2~m$ covering $150$ square meters. On each position a mobile phone was broadcasting BLE advertising beacons with power of $-2~dBm$ in interval of $100~ms$. Surrounding testbed nodes were collecting the beacons for approximately a minute for each position.

Figure 1 - Experimentation area.


Measurements are stored in JSON format where each object contains rss measurement (in $dBm$) with corresponding timestamp (in seconds). The folder contains two JSON files:

  • spring.data.json - measurements made in May 2022.
  • winter.data.json - smaller measurements made in December 2021. This dataset contains only the measurements from the middle row of the campus park.

Dataset available for download: .zip, 2.2 MB

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Copyright (C) 2021 SensorLab, Jožef Stefan Institute, sensorlab@ijs.si.

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